Future applications of Blockchain

Block chain facilitate development of scalable applications, which have immense social impact. Bitcoin is considered to be the most popular a widely used application developed using Block chain. Blockchain based Applications can be categorised as follows:

  • Financial Applications: Decentralized cryptocurrencies that provide people across the globe with instant, secure way of performing transactions.

  • Property management: Smart property allows ownership of both physical and non-physical property to be verified, programmable and tradeable. The ownership details of a property is written on the Blockchain.

  • Contracts: Smart contracts are verified on the blockchain, allowing for programmable, self executing and self enforcing contracts. Smart contract facilitate the development of Supply Chain Management.

  • Digital Identity Management for IoT-Internet of Things : Blockchain technology allows for identity verification, authorization, and management IoT devices

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management

Car leasing network without Blockchain

Car leasing network with Blockchain

Digital Identity Management

Identity Management